written by Kayleigh Dunning, Carry in Cloth

The Benefits of Babywearing

You carry your baby every day, its where they feel most comfortable and secure. Using a sling to carry your baby allows you to continue the loving touch your baby needs whilst having your hands free to complete chores, look after older children or enjoy a meal or a drink. In a sling a baby feels more content, calmer and secure. 

Slings have been found to solidify bonds between you and your baby and other people and your baby. Many grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family have reported feeling closer to baby after using a sling. In fostering and adoption situations a sling can help with bonding.

How to choose a sling?

Don’t rely on Google and Amazon, they will point you towards the priciest brands and brands which pay for the most advertising. Big brands such as Ergobaby and BabyBjorn will appear on all searches but these are very unlikely to be the most suitable carrier for you. Smaller brands such as Integrababy and Boba are developed by babywearing consultants and are often much more comfortable for you and baby. 

Sling libraries are a great place to start, you can try a selection of slings to see which is suitable for you. If you’d like a more personal experience than a consultation with a qualified babywearing educator can be a God send, you’ll get one to one time and the chance to try more slings. 

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