Terms of use

The terms of use for Jerseybeanstalk are provided as guidance for visitors to be bound by. Use of the site is considered agreement of these conditions, including any added terms, variations or conditions during updates.

These terms of use apply only to the use of the website Jerseybeanstalk and any communication by its creators such as newsletters and social media updates.

Lawful use
Users may use the website and contained property of the site only for the intended use. You may not use the site in any way that would breach local or international laws or result in any criminal activity. This includes fraudulent activities, hate speech and unsolicited or unwelcome contact with individuals or businesses. Jersey laws prevail and Jerseybeanstalk will not hesitate to contact the authorities where necessary. 

Property of Jerseybeanstalk
All content, images, written materials, design etc is the property of Jerseybeanstalk and its affiliates. Some graphics are used lawfully through third party stock sites and the terms and conditions are observed in each case. Users are not allowed to take, copy or reproduce information from this site or any communications under the Jerseybeanstalk name without the express permission of Jerseybeanstalk or its listed business partners. All intellectual property provided to Jerseybeanstalk by listed businesses is taken at face value as being property of that company. If you believe this to not be the case, please contact the company directly to further your claim. 

Purpose of the website
Jerseybeanstalk has been created with the purpose of sharing information about local businesses and services with the local public. We have no liability for the contract or sale with businesses resulting from information displayed on this site. Jerseybeanstalk does checks to ensure that all businesses are currently trading but cannot vouch for their honesty and integrity. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that any businesses they engage with can fulfil their contracts before entering into any agreements.

The blog section of the website has been added to provide the service of information to local parents. This information is created by the shown authors and is representative of their views and does not necessarily represent the views of Jerseybeanstalk. 

Listings provide information to locals about the services they provide, it is the businesses owners responsibility to ensure that the information contained on their listing is accurate and that they have the required consent to use the information, graphics and images shown on their listing.

Businesses are encouraged to provide regular updates to their listing to ensure they are factually correct. Listings shown to be repeatedly inaccurate will be removed from the site and only reinstated at the discretion of the administrator. 

Listings are initially compiled by an admin from information available publicly such as websites and social media pages. All listing information can be sent to hello@jerseybeanstalk.com, please ensure that full, accurate and complete information is sent to this email address. Any amendments are required to be sent to this email address. Amendments will not be accepted verbally. 

Competitions are run on a regular basis and each hold their own terms and conditions which will be noted on the competition page. All competitions are managed by jerseybeanstalk.com and entering in to one will also sign users up to the newsletter mailing list from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

Reviews section
Part of the benefit of this website is the addition of a reviews section. Word of mouth is of great benefit to all businesses and users are encouraged to leave their honest feedback. Businesses using the site do so with the knowledge that the public can leave honest reviews about their services and they have the right to reply to any feedback left on their listing. Jerseybeanstalk can not be held responsible for any damages, cancellation of contracts or loss of earnings resulting from reviews left on the website. It is the responsibility of the business owner to prove a listing is in breach of the terms. Users leaving the review remain solely responsible for the effect of their written word. 

When users leave a review, the site admin will need to approve the review and to ensure that it meets with the review guidelines. Approval can take up to 48 hours.  

Review guidelines

  • Only honest and truthful appraisals of the use of service or business are allowed. Reviews are intended to benefit future customers of the business.
  • Reviews from persons who have not used the business or service will be removed. Reviews on another persons behalf will be removed. 
  • Any person who misrepresents themselves or do not use their own name will have their review removed or not approved.
  • Reviews containing swear words, are suspicious, hateful or inflammatory in their nature, are considered bullying or a form of discrimination will not be approved and therefor will not show on the site.
  • Reviews by persons engaged in legal action with the business owner will not be permitted. This includes any reviews regarded as a breach of contract which could result in legal action.
  • Any review not considered lawful will be removed or not approved.
  • Reviews containing advertising or links to other websites will be removed. Spam based and auto generated reviews will be removed.
  • Reviews noting personal information about children, including cases where there is a safeguarding issue, children in care or ongoing child protection issues will not be approved.

Businesses are encouraged to check their listings regularly for reviews left by their customers. In the case that a review requires additional authentication, please contact an admin by email at hello@jerseybeanstalk.com  

Newsletters are sent on a weekly or twice monthly basis depending on the content available. Jerseybeanstalk aims to ensure that these newsletters are as relevant to local families as possible. Please do be aware that newsletters will also contain advertising from listing partners. If you have completed the subscribe page on the website, or entered into a competition then you have opted in to receive regular newsletters from Jerseybeanstalk. Please visit our Privacy Policy page to see how your information is used and stored. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link on email footers or emailing hello@jerseybeanstalk.com

jerseybeabstalk.com contains advertising throughout the site in the form of listings, some blog material includes advertising links and skyscraper adverts on some pages of the site, social media posts and on newsletters. If you would like to know about advertising with us, please email hello@jerseybeanstalk.com.  

Jerseybeanstalk, its owner and administration reserve the right to amend information and content shown on the site at any time without prior notice, including information submitted by its users. 

Updated 2nd August 2020