The Vitality Bee

Trying to be healthy, happy and fit but also juggling it with a hectic lifestyle? Sound familiar? I have a realistic ‘grab & go’ approach to fitness and healthy eating and believe that YES if you take your supplements, have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you CAN have treats (& wine) if you want them, within reason! It’s all about balance, damage limitation and keeping it real!
Live online classes and personal training, from the comfort of your home or office. Saving lots of time and any excuse that you can’t squeeze it in!

Pre/Postnatal Fitness – 1:1

Killer Kettlebells – Full Body 1:1

Home or LIVE online Personal Training – 1:1 / 1:2 / Private Groups 

Home Swim Coaching – Children/Adults

Killer Kettlebells – Full body x30mins, mixed ability, males/females.

HIIT Toning – 4 rounds of Bodyweight exercises vs High Intensity moves with a bonus ‘Finisher’.

Strength Superset – Weighted exercises back to back with bodyweight moves, working the same muscles. 2 rounds then moving on to the next 2 exercises, full run through at the end. Choose your weight dependant on your current strength & fitness, water bottles welcome!

Sweat & Stretch –  High intensity calorie blast with abs included and a stretch flow to finish, amazing start to the weekend!

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