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Easter is a joyful time for children who love the thrill of the hunt and the resulting glut of chocolate, but for parents, the prospect of having their children buzzing on sugar for the foreseeable future can be less appealing! When you consider the selection of Easter treats from a vast array of family and friends, the haul can be overwhelming and if you are keen to limit chocolate to an occasional treat, then you may wish to rethink your Easter hunt strategy! However, some careful planning could be required in order to avoid disappointing your children, as well as the relatives who are keen to bestow gifts on the kids.

How about some of these ideas to maximise the fun, whilst minimising the sugar?

Dress to impress. Preparing for the hunt can be just as exciting as the treasure! How about new pyjamas and slippers to wear on Easter Sunday? And maybe even a set of bunny ears to complete the look?

The hunt doesn’t need to be exclusively chocolate based – there will probably be an expectation of chocolate eggs, but you could mix it up and add some extra little gifts in the place of confectionery. Some ideas include small toys, hair clips, lip balms and little books, perhaps with an Easter or spring theme.

For children who love Lego, a Lego brick hunt could be a fun alternative – with children being able to create the final model once all the components have been found.

Preparing some fun activities for Easter Sunday may also distract from the consumption of sugary treats. How about hunting for some flower seeds, plant pots, little gardening tools and a watering can? The day can then be spent planting seeds together and children will love watching their flowers grow over the next few weeks.

The eggs don’t need to be chocolate! Decorating hard boiled eggs is another fun activity, resulting in a creation your child can be proud of. How about dipping the eggs in food dye and then using paints, felt tips and even feathers and googly eyes to invent and decorate your own chicken?
Baking Easter food is a lovely way to incorporate some treats into a project that you can work on together. Rice crispy nests, Easter fruit cakes and hot cross buns are all good choices for a fun Easter bake off.

If you are going to attempt the ‘less is more’ approach this Easter, you will hopefully find that some of these tips and ideas come in handy, and can perhaps find a way to incorporate them into your own family traditions.

Your treasure hunts can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, depending on the age of your children but if you can get creative with your gift ideas, and bring the extended family on board with the plan, there is no need to skimp on joy just because there is less chocolate.


About Caring Cooks

We are a local not for profit organisation enabling children and families in Jersey to access nutritious food at home, at school and in the community.

Caring Cooks of Jersey was founded in February 2014 by one Mum’s kind gesture to cook a meal once a week, for a family who were struggling either financially or through illness, to ensure that they could sit down to eat a nutritional home cooked meal and spend quality time together. 

Becoming more aware of families struggling to feed their children with home cooked, and healthy food due to long working hours, financial struggles and separation, we developed our Weekly Meal Service, bringing together a network of Islanders who also wanted to help to deliver the service, through referrals from the partners we work with in the Island. 

Cooking skills used to be passed down from generation to generation, but this trend has been broken and now there is a genuine skills gap around food preparation and healthy eating. So in 2015, we launched our Community Cooking Programme which has been developed to directly give parents the skills and confidence to encourage them into the kitchen to prepare and cook healthy meals from scratch for their family. 

We are now a Jersey charity and registered NPO and we specifically support families with children of school age, as we strongly believe that food and nutrition from the weaning stage right through a child’s life is very important and we want to support parents in making that a part of daily life. 

All of our services are free of charge to families and are funded by charitable donations.

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