For many of us the concept of halloween is a new one, mainly something that those folks in the other Jersey get very excited about. But with Halloween’s popularity growing on this side of the water do we bother this year?
If there are ways to enjoy the event safely without putting our vulnerable community members at risk then lets enjoy the moment. So if you’re in, read on for some ideas of how to enjoy Halloween safely with your family.

Trick or treating
The Government of Jersey advises against trick or treating due to the additional risks and potential contact.
If you don’t want your children to miss out on the fun, pre arrange a couple of houses to visit where you can manage the contact points and avoid ringing door bells or coming into contact with anyone who might be isolating or vulnerable.

Create a scary sweetie display

If you still want to do something for the neighbourhood children without the knocking at your door, you can decorate a small tree or bush outside your home and hang sweets on it for children to help themselves from. Go the whole hog and make it a scary display for some extra fun. 

A halloween photo booth

If the weather holds and you are feeling extra creative, why not build a little halloween photo booth outside your home. Its a great opportunity to make the event a bit more interactive and memorable for the children who are all dressed up. Ideally, the photo booth should be require no contact so try avoid adding props that children would hold on to.

Make a mask part of your costume

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to halloween costumes and adding in a cloth or medical grade mask is part of the challenge for older kids, teens and adults. There are lots of fun halloween design masks available to buy online.

‘Ghosting’ or ‘Booing’ friends and family.

Yep, it sounds pretty anti-social but its actually the opposite. ‘Ghosting’ (and booing) in halloween terms is all about leaving little treats for members of your neighbourhood for them to find when they next open their door. Think along the lines of a little halloween themed bag of sweets or treats (pre-packaged for safety) with a note encouraging them to pay the favour forward. There’s no huge expense required and its a lovely way for children to enjoy the time of year by thinking of others.  Visit this page for lots of ideas on what you could do.

Have a little party at home

Help your children get dressed up then invite to them to a proper little dinner party at home. Include decorations, a set table, party games, a special mocktail and some games or dancing. This sounds pretty time intensive but its all in the delivery. For example, serve Spaghetti Bolognese with coloured spaghetti and suddenly its halloween appropriate. Add a game like apple bobbing – literally just a bowl of water and some apples or search for a spooky playlist online for some living room dancing – switch the lights off for extra spooky fun. 

Do you have any fun ideas to add for local parents? Add your comments in the box below.

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