Schools are back and the evenings are drawing in. The temperature has dropped a fraction or two and the winds are starting to pick up. Its officially autumn. Admittedly, this is not my favourite season: there is a lot less reason to eat ice cream in autumn and I’m not a fan of wind generally (pun intended). But there is a lot of fun to be had for the littles, some of which involves a good bit of nature time which often results in a good nights sleep, and thats an activity I can get behind.

So here are our suggestions for activities to enjoy the most changeable of seasons:

Go foraging. From apples, to blackberries, to rosehip there is an abundance of food growing in our hedgerows if you know what to look for. The Woodland Trust  and Countryfile have some useful guides of what to look for and foraging responsibly. The collecting is only half the fun as you get to come home and create a dish you might not have tried before.

Harvest festivals. Autumn is a time of reaping the rewards of the year just gone and often culminate in harvest festivals. Of course this year gatherings are different but its worth checking to see whether there are any harvest festivals happening.

Bonfires! If your children are old enough to enjoy the cosy elements of a fire safely then this is great way to spend an evening. There are plenty of safety rules to be observed to make sure you know what you are doing before lighting fires. Get cosy, roast some marshmallows and tell some bonfire stories. Visit Jersey Fire and Rescue to check up on the regulations and remind yourself and your children of fire safety before you go ahead.

Anything with leaves really goes in Autumn.
Collect lots of different colour leaves and bark, dried moss etc and stick them down to paper to create a tree. This can be and ongoing project: collect a few bits whenever you go out for a walk and build the tree up slowly.
Select a variety different leaves, place them under a piece of paper and run a crayon over them to create an impression.
Rake them up into a pile and go wild with the running and jumping. If you have enough, create a leaf maze.

If there is one thing that autumn is extremely good for, its flying kites. The changeable weather features big winds and that makes kite flying lots of fun plus this is an activity that often needs plenty of running around to get the kite airborne. The coastal winds in Jersey can be a little too blustery sometimes so check the wind speed before you head out and enjoy. 

Blo-Karting is a magnificently fun way to spend and windy day. Children generally have to be 10 years or older to be able to manage the craft so this is one for older kids and parents to enjoy. 

If you are family who enjoy a lot of fresh air and exercise then autumn is a great time to get out on yer’ bikes. Cooler weather makes for ideal cycling temperatures and the changing landscape will give your family plenty to look at and enjoy along the way and its still warm enough to park up for a little picnic stop when refreshments are called for.

Add your own suggestions of autumn activities in the comment boxes below for other families to enjoy. 

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