In no particular order, here are some tried and tested products we’re happy to recommend. This month, we’ve focused on new baby products. Happy shopping!

Aveeno Baby is a soothing daily care wash for babies body and hair. Its great for kiddies with sensitive skin and smells lovely.

If you are breastfeeding, or about to start breastfeeding then the we highly recommend Lanisoh HPA Lanolin treatment. This nipple cream is thick and stays in place as well as being safe for mother and baby.

When barrier creams fail and nappy rash sets in, Metanium treatment (the yellow one) for nappy rash is soothing and helps clear babies bum up in no time.

Super easy to use, the Hakaa breast pump fits on your other breast while breastfeeding your baby. The pump catches any letdown that usually go to waste so you can up your freezer stash or save and feed baby later.

Because having a spare stash of nappies, wipes and muslins in the living room might be your saving grace. This handy caddy is not just practical, it looks great too.

Buggy clips are basically an extra pair hands when you are out and about. You will never regret buying buggy clips, ever.

Tommee Tippee ‘The Original Grobag’ doubles as a newborn sleeping bag or a swaddle which is great to have when you’re not sure whether your baby will love swaddling or not.

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