2020's Predicted Most Popular Christmas Toys - 6 to 10 yr olds.

If you read our previous post on the predicted most popular toys this Christmas for Up to 5’s then you’ll be expecting this next installment which includes the 6 to 10 year olds.

We’ve included links (click on the picture) for each item to make life a little easier, however, we do recommend checking if the item is available at your local toy store.

6 years

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe
Using the stylus, children can tap on the 10 inch interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Featuring a 2.7 inch integrated video screen, animations and live-action videos fully immerse kids in the curriculum to provide a better understanding of the world through more than 5 hours of videos. They can also play three interactive games called around the world, which is a quiz show where they are placed in different destinations to explore the globe, challenge a friend and solve mysteries.

FurReal Friends Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy
Adorable pup you can feed and walk: And then clean up after he poops
Poopin fun on the run: Includes poop scooper that’s also a carrying case for treats.
Connect your pack: Connectible leash system lets you walk this pup by himself or with Poopalots Lil’ Wags pets (Other pets sold separately. Subject to availability).

7 years

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 4-in-1 Plane

B.B.s, this is your captain speaking, we are ready for takeoff! Travel in style in the L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix 4-in-1 Plane. This transforming playset is 4-in-1: Plane, Car, Recording Studio and Mixing Booth. Unbox 50 surprises, including working lights and sounds, drink cart with plates and cups, rolling suitcases, overhead compartments that open and close, seatbelts and more!

Squeakee 12300 Interactive Balloon Dog
Meet Squeakee! The electronic balloon dog that is inflated with personality! This interactive Balloon Dog will WOW you as he comes to life just like a real pup! With over 60 interactive sounds and movements to make you giggle, you’ll never get bored! Squeakee will BLOW you away with all the tricks he can do!

8 years

LEGO Super Mario Adventures Starter
The set features a LEGO Mario™ figure that gives instant expressive responses via the LCD screens and speaker. Players earn virtual coins moving LEGO Mario from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via spinning and cloud platforms, the ? Block, and super battles with the Goomba and Bowser Jr. toy figures. Rearrange the bricks to create new levels to master.

LEGO 21160 Minecraft The Illager Raid Village Building Set 
Action-packed, LEGO Minecraft The Illager Raid building set (21160) mixes adventure with inspiring environments, cool accessories and favourite characters from the popular computer game. Anything can happen when the mysterious Minecraft Kai figure arrives to fight off the hostile invaders with their Ravager.

9 years

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game
Gravity Maze is one of ThinkFun’s most popular stem toys for boys and girls. It’s a gravity powered maze game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and makes a great birthday or holiday present for kids who like puzzles, smart games and challenging activities. Gravity Maze is made with high quality components and comes with a very clear and easy to understand instruction manual – you’ll be able to play within minutes of opening the box. 

Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster
Experience Nerf Ultra blasters — the gold standard in Nerf dart blasting Nerf Ultra blasters have advanced design and performance to deliver extreme distance, accuracy, and speed. They include ground-breaking Nerf Ultra darts — the farthest flying Nerf darts ever, featuring an innovative flight tip, aerofin technology, and Nerf Ultra foam. Take your game to the next level with Nerf Ultra blasters and darts Nerf Ultra blasters work only with Nerf Ultra darts. The Nerf Ultra one motorised blaster has a high-capacity 25-dart dart drum and comes with 25 Nerf Ultra darts. 

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera 5.0|Digital Camera For Children
PERFECT FIRST CAMERA: This children’s camera is ideal as your kid’s first camera, so they can start creating memories by themselves or with their friends. A great toy to enhance their creativity.
DESIGNED FOR KIDS: With a 5 megapixel lens, this toy camera takes high quality photos and videos. Your kid can even edit photos or apply funny effects on videos whilst using their creativity to achieve their desired result.

10 years

Lego Starwars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport Starship
Relive The Mandalorian and the Child’s battles against the Scout Trooper and other enemies with The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport (75292). This brick-built, armoured, LEGO Star Wars transport shuttle features a cargo hold with opening sides that double as access ramps and carbonite bounty elements inside, a dual LEGO minifigure cockpit, spring-loaded shooters, escape pod and more authentic details to inspire creative play.

A challenging build for ages 10 and up, this 1,023-piece starship construction kit includes 5 collectible LEGO Star Wars characters, including The Mandalorian and the Child. It’s great for role play and combines with other LEGO Star Wars sets for even more action.

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition “AKA Baby Yoda” 
From Hasbro’s Star Wars Collection: The Child Animatronic Edition with sounds and motorised sequences He may look like ‘Baby Yoda’, but this lovable creature is called The Child – and now you can become his protector with this animatronic toy from Star Wars. Touching the top of The Child Animatronic Edition’s head activates over 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles and more, all while the figure’s head moves up and down, ears move back and forth, and eyes open and close.

National Geographic Earth Science Kit
The National Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit has everything a young scientist needs to conduct over 15 scientific experiments!
With this kit, you’ll be able to:
Grow a Real Crystal (in as little as 3 days!)
Create Your Own Reusable Volcano
Paint Your Volcano Anyway You’d Like
Make Your Volcano Erupt
Cause an Even Bigger Eruption
See How a Chewable Mint Candy Makes an Eruption
See How a Popping Candy Makes an Eruption
Dig Up a Rose Quartz Specimen
Dig Up Two Pyrite ‘Fool’s Gold’ Specimens
Generate a Whirling Water Tornado
Race Dueling Water Tornadoes
Make a Glow-in-the-Dark Vortex
See a Vegetable Oil Vortex
Experiment with a Dish Soap Vortex
Read Through a Rock (Selenite)
Start a Rock Collection (with snowflake obsidian, tiger’s eye, green fluorite, pumice, desert rose, blue calcite, a geode, and agate)

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